Some pilots are so passionate that they have climbed to such high altitudes.  So, we’ve checked them off to become part of the Aviators Team.

Who are they?

Aviators are those pilots that tell the best stories about aviation experiences.  Our Aviators are those who live the Fly Salty Play Salty lifestyle, and are the great’s storytellers that can inspire anyone to become an aviator.

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Grayson Barrows
Home Airport: McMinnville, OR (KMVV)
Certificates/Ratings: Private, Single Engine Land, Instrument, Rotorcraft & Glider
What I Fly: Cessna Skywagon & Bell, Agusta and MD series helicopters
About Me: I’m 40 years young, salty and aviation is my passion. I’m blessed to have earned multiple ratings and still have the appetite to learn each time I fly. I have accumulated over 3000 flight hours and love flying each and every model of aircraft. I’m a third-generation pilot on both sides of my family and I grew up on a small grass strip my grandfather started after WWII (4N7).


While not flying for fun, I work in aviation.  I am the General Manager for Precision Support Services in McMinnville, Oregon. We perform avionics and maintenance on a wide variety of fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft.


I love to give back to aviation as it has given me so much in my short lifetime.  I advocate for AOPA, HAI, NBAA, EAA and Young Eagles. I hope one day my own children will take on the family tradition – no pressure​ wink wink.


We cannot have enough friends in this small industry; be kind to one another, fly friendly and help each other with technical matters!

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