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Lesson 14.2:  Airport Data & Information

Airport Data & Information

     Reference: ACS PA.III.A.K1 - K9, PA.III.B.K1 - K4 PHAK Chapter 14

When flying into a non-familiar airport, it is part of the preflight list in Part 91.103, to include the review of:

  • Aeronautical Charts

  • Chart Supplement U.S

  • NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen)

  • ATIS (Automated Terminal Information Service)

Aeronautical Charts

​They do provide some quick helpful information about airports.  More on charts in lesson 16.

Chart Supplement U.S.

These books give the most detailed information on all the public airports in the U.S.

  • There are a total of seven books, organized by regions.

  • Revised every 56 days.

NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen)

NOTAMs are time-critical and are temporary. The may come out without any advanced notice. Prior to any flight a pilot should check for any NOTAMs, pertaining to that flight it is part of the preflight list in Part 91.103 Preflight Actions.

  • Refer back to NOTAMs in Lesson 1 for more detailed information.

ATIS (Automated Terminal Information Service)

The ATIS is the looped recording that is on a particular frequency that broadcasts the local weather and any other non-controlled information.

It is updated every hour and it is assigned with a code.  When the new ATIS is recorded a new code is assigned.


Example: ATIS Alpha is replaced with ATIS Bravo

Prior to contacting ATC for taxi clearance and instruction, it is required to tune into the ATIS frequency and listen to the ATIS.

All ATIS ends with the phrase:

“Advice on initial contact, you have information Bravo.” Bravo is the code.

Upon contacting ATC tower for taxi instruction, it is required you state the ATIS code that was received.


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