Online Ground School (Private Pilot)

Lesson 13.2: Weather Briefings

Weather Briefings

     Reference: ACS PA.I.C.K1 & PA.I.C.K2 & PA.I.C.K3-4, PHAK Chapter 13, AC 00-45

Before every flight pilots are required to gather all information for that flight per FAR Part 91.103. It shows a list of items, you as a pilot should know or have on hand particular to that flight.  One of them is getting a weather briefing for your local FSS (Flight Service Station).  There are three types of weather briefings, they are:

  • Standard Briefing

  • Abbreviated Briefing

  • Outlook Briefing 

Standard Briefing

This type of briefing should all ways be obtained prior to any flight. it provides the most information and best overall picture.  The following items are provided in a Standard briefing in order:

Adverse conditions, VFR flight recommendation, Synopsis, Current conditions, En route forecast, Destination forecast, Winds/Temps aloft, NOTAMS, ATC delays, and any other information to include the frequencies to open a flight plan with FSS or EFAS.

Abbreviated Briefing

This briefing is a shortened or abbreviated version of a Standard Briefing.  It is or should used to get an update on any changes to the standard, if there has been any delays on the departure of the flight.

Outlook Briefing

These briefing should be used to get weather information 6 hours or more from the schedule departure time.  An Outlook, is away to get information ahead of time to make any changes to the flight plan such as; route, altitude, or go/no-go.


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