Online Ground School (Private Pilot)

Lesson 1.1: Becoming a Private Pilot

Private Pilot Requirements

     Reference: ACS PA.I.A.K1, FAR Part 61.102 - 61.117

The FAA requires these requirements to be accomplished for a Private Pilot Certificate, under Part 61.102 - 61.117

  • Be 17 years old to receive your pilot certificate.

  • Be 16 years old to fly solo.

  • Read, speak, and understand English.

  • Hold at least a third-class medical certificate for private and recreational certificates. Sport pilots must hold at least a current and valid U.S. driver’s license.

  • Received a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor, who:

    • conducted training or has reviewed you home study in the areas in 61.105(b)

    • Certified that the person is prepared for the required oral knowledge test.

  • Pass a written knowledge test with 70% or better

  • Received flight training from an authorized instructor

    • ​Conducted the training in the areas of operation listed in 61.107(b)

    • Certified that the person is prepared for the required practical test.

  • Meet the aeronautical experience requirements

  • Pass a practical test 

  • Comply with appropriate sections of this part

  • Hold a U.S. student pilot certificate, sport pilot certificate, or recreational pilot certificate.

NOTE: Some of the above requirements come from the Student Pilot Part 61.81 - 61.95

U.S. Pilot Certificate (front)

U.S. Pilot Certificate

Department of Transportation


Federal Aviation Administration

Privileges and Limitations 

     Reference: ACS PA.I.A.K2, FAR Part 61.113

As a Private Pilot you are limited to:

  • Not allowed to fly any aircraft for hire as PIC (Pilot In Command) carrying passengers or property for compensation or hire.

  • A private pilot may act as pilot in command of a charitable, nonprofit, or community event flight.

  • May be reimbursed for aircraft operating expenses such as: fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or rental fees.

  • Act is an aircraft salesman and must have at least 200 hours of logged flight time, can demonstrate an aircraft in flight to a prospective buyer.


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