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Lesson 16.3 : Zulu Time

Zulu Time

     Reference: ACS PA.III.A.K2, AIM Sec. 4-2-12

Greenwich Mean Time is located on the 0  Line that runs longitudinally through Greenwich, England.

Also known as:

  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

  • Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

  • Zulu (Z)

In the aviation world, everything operates off Zulu Time (Z).

Example:  when you file a flight plan with Flight Service Station (FSS) they will ask what time you expect to depart in Zulu Time.

Zulu Time chart

How to get Zulu Time:

First you Must Know military time.

Take your local time and convert it to military time. Then Add or Subtract the amount of time zones you are from Greenwich Mean Time, depending on where you live in the world.


Example for Standard Time:

       Since we are located in California, we are in the Pacific Time zone.

       9:00 am local PST (Pacific Standard Time) is 0900 local military               time, then add 8. 

                                       0900 + 8 = 1700 Z


       9:00 pm local PST is 2100 local military time, add 7

                                       2100 + 8 = 0500 Z

Daylight savings is a little different since not everyone is on Daylight savings, such as Arizona.

Examples for Daylight Time:

       Same as before except you add 8.

       7:00 pm local PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) is 1900 local military                 time, than add 7.


                                          1900 + 7 = 0200 Z


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