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It's all about location


Southern California is the premier place to fly and accumulate flight hours, with an average of 280 plus days of sunny skies for flying all year round.

Also known as SoCal, here the airspace is known as the world’s busiest airspace with a large variety of airports to fly to all within an hour and a half or less. From high in the mountains at Big Bear airport to an island just off the California coast at Catalina.

Within SoCal’s airspace there are two Class Bravo airports, Los Angeles (LAX) and San Diego International, four Class Charlie airports, Burbank, March ARB, Ontario, and John Wayne. Along with approximately twenty Class Delta airports, multiple other uncontrolled airports and special use airspace areas. With the large number of controlled airports pilots will become familiar with airspace and air traffic control (ATC) radio communications. 

There are a number of uncontrolled airports as well in Southern California, which allows pilots to practice their skills at ease and without interruptions.


  • We are listed on AOPA Airport Directory, located off the field of the French Valley Airport, CA (F70).

We are not a brick and mortar flight school, at least not yet.

Understanding Southern California TRCON link:

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