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I'M SAFE Checklist

Am I Good to Go Fly?

I - Illness - Am I, or do I feel sick? Congested, Cold, Flu, Allergies, etc. Being sick and going flying do not mix.

M - Medication - Prescription or over the counter medications or drugs, does the medication make me drowsy?

  • FAR 91.71 states that no person may act as a pilot of an aircraft while using any drug that affects a person’s ability in any way contrary to the safety of flight.

  • The FAA does not have a list of medications. Best list of medication is:


  • AOPA does have a list as well, but you must be a member to view the AOPA Medication Database:


S - Stress - Is my job, family, or finances causing me a lot of pressure and stress? Stress is in our everyday lives. However, too much stress can cause problems, mentally and physically.

A - Alcohol - When was my last drink, if any? FAR 91.17 states that no person may act as a pilot with 8 hours of having a drink and having a blood alcohol level of 0.04 or greater.

Rule of thumb, “8 hours from bottle to throttle.”

F - Fatigue - Am I tired, have I had enough rest? Studies say that people need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a 24-hour period, to be fully rested.

E - Emotion/Eat - The FAA uses ‘E’ for Emotion in the checklist; we feel emotion goes with stress. Therefore, we are going to use ‘E’ for Eat.

  • Do you feel hungry, have you eaten? Make time to eat before you fly. Also, bring snacks along for those long flights.


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