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When acting as pilot in command (PIC) or other required crew member of an aircraft, you most carrier at all times.

  • Valid pilot certificate

  • Valid government issued photo I.D. or Passport (non-expired)

  • Current medical certificate

  • Current charts - Sectionals, Airport Diagrams, Approach Plates (IFR), etc. (If using paper charts. Digital should be updated.)

Why do pilots need to care these items?

For one reason, its required by law. Just like you need to carry a Driver's License when you drive. Secondly, the FAA does do random checks on pilots, these checks are called ramp checks. An FAA inspector may come up and ask to see the above documents.

If requested by an Administrator of the FAA, the NTSB, or any state, federal or local law enforcement, you must present them your documents.

NOTE: Your Pilot logbook is not required for inspection, by any FAA, inspector, NTSB, or any federal or local law enforcement.


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