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Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) is decision- making in a unique environment such as aviation. In Advisory Circular (AC) 60-22, the FAA is defined as a, “systematic approach to the mental process of evaluating a given set of circumstances and determining the best course of action”.

Basically, learn to make good safe decision before you go fly, every time. The root cause for a majority of aviation accidents is poor decision making.

Crew Resource Management (CRM) and SRM

Crew Resource Management (CRM) really applies to pilots operating in a flight crew environment, however many of the CRM principles and concepts apply to the Single-pilot Resource Management (SRM).

SRM is defined as being able to manage all of the resources available, both in the aircraft and from outside sources, prior to and during flight as a single pilot. SRM also includes concepts, such as ADM, risk management, controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) awareness, and situational awareness.


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