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About Us


Founder of Red Horse Aviation, David Smith a certified Commercial Pilot and Ground Instructor, has worked in the aviation industry for many years. Started working on the ramp for American Airlines, then enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and became an aircraft mechanic. He received his B.S. degree in Aeronautics and Commercial Pilot certificate in 2015. He continues to work as an aircraft mechanic with DOD, now turned FAA ground instructor.

After years of flying, he became aware of an issue with aviation training.

The issue is that the majority of flight/ground schools, including instructors, place a strong emphasis on memory and merely teaching the bare minimum of information.

He doesn't want to be a pilot farm who teaches you the bare minimum so you can pass the test and move on.


To remedy this, David started Red Horse Aviation to provide cutting-edge flying instruction in an effort to change that. Guiding you as you pursue your dreams of becoming a pilot and achieving success in the industry from the outset. Along with ensuring that the students are knowledgeable and equipped with the skills necessary to be a safer, competent, more at ease, and confident pilot.


As passionate aviators we figured, if there is comfortable relaxing clothing made for the outdoor enthusiast, then why not for aviators? Especially those who sweat their ass off, flying aircraft in the hot humid locations with no air conditioning built into the airplane.

Our Vision

To be recognized worldwide as an innovative, professional and welcoming environment for all aviators. To better train future pilots with the highest quality flight training and uphold safety standards.

Our Mission

At Red Horse Aviation we are not looking for numbers, we are looking for quality. With quality comes achievement, safety and well-educated pilots. From pilot education to apparel, we strive to produce the highest quality performance products, for our future aviators.

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