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I'M SAFE Checklist

Am I Good to Go Fly?

Illness - Am I, or do I feel sick? Congested, Cold, Flu, Allergies, etc. Being sick and going flying do not mix.

Medication - Prescription or over the counter medications or drugs, does the medication make me drowsy?

FAR 91.71 states that no person may act as a pilot of an aircraft while using any drug that affects a person’s ability in any way contrary to the safety of flight.

The FAA does not have a list of medications. Best list of medication is:

Stress - Is my job, family, or finances causing me a lot of pressure and stress? Stress is in our everyday lives. However, too much stress can cause problems, mentally and physically.

Alcohol - When was my last drink, if any? FAR 91.17 states that no person may act as a pilot with 8 hours of having a drink and having a blood alcohol level of 0.04 or greater.

Rule of thumb, “8 hours from bottle to throttle.”

Fatigue - Am I tired, have I had enough rest? Studies say that people need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a 24-hour period, to be fully rested.

Emotion/Eat - The FAA uses ‘E’ for Emotion in the checklist; we feel emotion goes with stress. Therefore, we are going to use ‘E’ for Eat.

Do you feel hungry, have you eaten? Make time to eat before you fly. Also, bring snacks along for those long flights.


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