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Let's Meet Lucy


January 4, 2022

Words by Lucy

Let's take a moment and meet this very wonderful lady, pilot, and now CFI, Lucy.

Lucy - CFI

Where did you grow up and how did you get into aviation?

I grew up in Taiwan. I attended high school in Brisbane, Australia. After high school, I traveled to California to attend college, where I received an Associate’s Degree. I had gotten into aviation while I was in California, where I became interested in drone flying. I received my Remote Pilot Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). While studying for the remote pilot license, I had to study information about sectional charts. Sectional charts are used in aviation by all pilots, for navigation. My dad had asked me if I wanted to go for flight training, and so it began.

Why did you choose to do flight training in the United States?

I chose to do flight training in the United States because, the FAA licenses are recognized worldwide. Also, I like the living environment here in the U.S., and the people are very nice.

What was your path to coming to the United States?

My path was through people recommending flight schools, to go to. To attend I used the M-1 Visa to be able to come to the United States for flight training. The M-1 Visa allows foreign students, like myself to attend flight training in the United States. However, after flight training I have to go back to my home country of Taiwan to search for pilot jobs.

A couple of years back, you had the opportunity to meet with us (Red Horse Aviation)?

Yes, I had the opportunity to meet, which was known as Salty Aviators, now known as Red Horse Aviation in Southern California. I flew down to El Monte Airport (KEMT) from Northern California, which was good flight time building. From El Monte we went on a flight, and did the Hollywood tour. He showed me around the airspace of the Los Angeles area, and pointed out the sights. I had an amazing time and experience.

Lucy and David (owner of Red Horse Aviation)

You flew in your home country of Taiwan, tells us about that adventure?

I did a flight review in Taiwan. It was a really unique and different experience compare to flying in the USA. The scenery in Taiwan is very beautiful, looking at it in a different view and perspective.

How is flying in Taiwan, compared to the U.S.?

First, the airspace in and around Taiwan is very different. The procedure on the airport in Taiwan, for starting the aircraft engine is different. You need request clearance to start the engines, unlike in the United States. General aviation is not as popular in Taiwan compared to the United States.

Now that you are a new CFI, what does the future hold for you? Any goals, or flying trips?

I would like to be a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in the United States if possible. So, right now I am searching for instructor job opportunities. I joined a flying club recently in hope to do more time building. Therefore, more adventure to come!

At the controls

What is your advice for aspiring female aviators?

My advice is, this is a hard career path to get in to, especially right now with COVID. However, the outcome is very rewarding. Also, sometimes doing a job related to aviation can help with becoming a pilot too. During the journey, you will experience things in aviation you would never imagine you can experience.

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