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Fuel injection systems are designed with a fuel pump to supply fuel to the injectors in to each cylinder. Fuel injection is different than carbureted systems, the fuel injection does not mix air with the fuel.

The injectors spray fuel outside of the cylinder head at the intake manifold, which means that the fuel is vaporized and then mixed with the air prior to entering the cylinder. With fuel injection system, aircraft use an electric-driven pump as well as a backup electric pump, to ensure the fuel continues to flow in case the engine-driven pump fails.

Fuel Injection Icing

The fuel injection system is considered to be less susceptible to icing than a carburetor system, but impact icing on the air intake is a possibility in either system.

Impact icing forms on the exterior of the aircraft and blocks any openings, such as the air intake for the injection system.

Things to be aware of.

Some Advantages of using fuel injection:

  • Reduction in evaporative icing

  • Better fuel flow

  • Faster throttle response

  • Precise control of mixture

  • Easier cold weather starts

There are disadvantages of using fuel injection:

  • Difficulty in starting a hot engine

  • Vapor locks during ground operations on hot days

  • Problems with restarting an engine that quits because of fuel starvation.


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