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Land and Hold Short Operation (LAHSO) is an ATC procedure that is found only at selected towered airports when simultaneous operations (takeoffs and landings) are being conducted on intersecting runways. ATC may clear a pilot to land and hold short of an intersecting runway, taxiway, or some other designated point on a runway.

LAHSO clearance may be issued by ATC if the ceiling is at least 1,000 feet and the visibility is at least 3SM or greater.

Who can accept them?

The PIC has final authority to accept or decline a LAHSO clearance, if it is determined that the aircraft can land safely and stop within the available landing distance (ALD). The PIC must also be aware of the reduced runway distances. ATC may also provide ALD data upon request.

  • Student pilots or pilots not familiar with LAHSO should not participate.

  • Generally, LAHSO are not authorized at night, due to depth perception decreasing. Plus, the lack of a visual or electronic "aim point" may cause an abnormal glide path.

  • Operations are not authorized on wet runways due to the potential for dynamic hydroplaning.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness starts by having current airport information, readily accessible to the pilot, such as Airport diagrams, Available landing distance, and any LAHSO information for that airport.

Once you have accepted a LAHSO clearance you must adhere to it. Situational awareness is very important during the landing phase, especially during a LAHSO procedure. If you don’t adhere to the LAHSO clearance this may occur:

  • Runway incursion

  • Fatal accidents

ATC requires a full read back of the clearance and must include the words “Hold Short of (Runway/Taxiway).


Example (ATC Clearance):

“Cessna NRHA23, cleared to land Runway 27, hold short of Runway 23 for landing traffic, Learjet.”


If you cannot accept a LAHSO clearance, let ATC know immediately.

Where to find LAHSO information?

LAHSO information can be found in the U.S. Chart Supplement for that arrival airport.

Can you still ‘Go Around’ with a LAHSO clearance?

Yes, once you have accepted a LAHSO clearance you may still do a ‘Go Around’ if necessary. Let ATC know of the ‘Go Around’ as soon as possible.


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