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Let's Meet Grayson Barrow and His Passion For Aviation


September 28, 2021

Words by Grayson Barrow

Let's take a minute and meet with Grayson Barrow.

Grayson Barrows with Sarah Brazel of Thomet & Co. Salmon LLC

My name is Grayson Barrows and I love my Explore Tee from Red Horse Aviation. I am a third generation fixed-wing and rotor-wing pilot with approximately 3,500 flight hours and have owned several airplanes and helicopters over the past 15-years. I grew up on an airport started by my Grandparents in 1947 (4N7) located in Greene, New York. Aviation is not just my career but my hobby and passion.

I currently work at Precision Support Services, LLC at the McMinnville airport (KMMV) as a General Manager and Accountable Manager for the FAA Part 145 Repair Station.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business management, I spent five years with Evergreen International Aviation managing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 rotor-wing operations, flying all over South America in places such as; the Gulf of Mexico and setting up international bases in Peru, Ecuador, and the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Following Evergreen, I joined Texas Aviation Services for four years. I managed business development and test flight operations for the FAA, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) Part 145 Repair Stations.

To further diversify my career, I spent four years with Aviation Search Group (JS Firm), an executive search firm focusing on placements in aerospace. I established relationships with rotor-wing, fixed-wing, and unmanned organizations in all facets of the industry.

In the spring of 2020 my family and I moved back to the Pacific Northwest. My wife and I always talked about moving back to Oregon and raising our children here. We love the Pacific Northwest and hope to be in the area for a very long time.

I belong to various memberships in the aviation community including Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Young Eagles, Helicopter Association International (HAI), and Skywagons International.

I recently got my Explore Tee from Red Horse Aviation and took it on its maiden flight to Pacific City State airport (KPFC) in Pacific City, OR. We flew to the coast for the weekend to explore Pacific City and enjoy some of the last summer weather before the rainy season. Ironically, after we landed in our 1964 Cessna Skywagon 180G, my 6-year-old son noticed a Piper Super Cub land and it had the same paint scheme as the one on the Tee-Shirt. He said “Dad look! He followed you here for your Tee-Shirt!”.

The Explore Tee-shirt was put through the paces on that particular day. We preflighted the airplane in our hangar, which was in the 40s Fahrenheit (4 to 9 degrees Celsius), green house affects in the plane were in the 80s (26 to 31 degrees Celsius) and then back down into the 40s at the coast. I loved how it breathed during flight but also kept me warm at the coast. I recommend that all aviators out flying check them out, there shirts are worth it. Ordering was easy and came very quickly. I give 5 Skywagon Stars to Red Horse.

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