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Unexpected Cross Country Weather (SBFT)

Denver, Colorado is located in the area that has some of the most unpredictable weather and can change quickly, especially in the spring and summer. One day it’s sunny and 80 degrees, the next day you wake up to a foot of snow and 30 degrees.


  • Cessna 172


  • Private Pilot with 150 hours total time

  • Not Instrument Rated



It is late spring, you are on a cross country flight to see family in Denver, Colorado. You are landing at Centennial Airport (KAPA), south of Denver. The weather provided by Flight Service, is forecasted to be thunderstorms in the vicinity of the Centennial airport, three hours after your arrival at (KAPA). As you get closer to the Centennial airport you notice large thunderstorms all around the area.


  • Wether - Thunderstorms and lightning in the vicinity of surrounding airports.

  • Denver International Airport (DIA) is ground hold, lightning observed

  • NOTAM at Colorado Springs (KCOS) for TFR VIP movement.


What do you do? Where can you land?

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