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Self checklist on how to get started on becoming a pilot:

Step 1: Preflight - You have come to the right place

We offer online flight training for anyone that once to make a dream a reality and current pilots. Whether you’re looking to become a pilot and earn your Private Pilot License, or you’re already an experienced pilot and want to learn a bit more or just refresh your knowledge, we are here to help.

Step 2: Taxi - Introductory Flight

Taking an introductory flight is the best way for you to experience hands-on training and actually taking control of the airplane for the first time.  Take a look at the quality of the aircraft you will be training in, the flight school itself and the instructors at the school.

Step 3: Run Up - Get a Medical/Student pilot certificate

Do some research on finding an FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), don't just go with the first one you see.  Compare prices with a few AME's in your area before choosing an examiner, prices can range from $85 - $200.  If the examiner charges $200, that is to much money for what the exam actually entails, look for some one else. It's required for all student pilots and experienced pilots to carry a medical certificate at all times.  It shows that you meet the medical requirements required by the FAA.  The Student Pilot Certificate is will be separate from your medical certificate.  Not all AME's are pilots nor are they required.  The point is saving money, we as pilots are already spending thousands of dollars on flight training.  Ask the flight school you plan on attending for recommendations on medical examiners.

To see a list of all FAA certified Aviation Medical Examiner's (AME), click on the link

below to see how find an examiner in your area. 

How to Find an AME

Step 4: Takeoff - Start flight training

Once you have completed the first few steps, it is time to takeoff on your flight training and work towards the aviation goal you are after, from a Sport or Recreational Pilot, Private Pilot to the airlines as an Air Transport Pilot (ATP). 

Let's Get Started!

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