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Airworthiness Directives (AD) are like recalls for automobiles but for aircraft. If an unsafe condition is found that requires immediate corrective action, the FAA will release an AD in accordance with Part 39.

Airworthiness Directives are mandatory and are broken up in to two categories:

  • Emergency – requiring immediate compliance.

  • Urgent – requiring compliance within a period of time.

It is the Owner/Operators responsibility to ensure compliance with ADs. Operators means that, if you rent an airplane, you as the PIC are responsible to check the maintenance logs.

The aircraft owner is required by FAR 91.417 to keep a record of all AD’s and their current status. Including the method of compliance, AD number and any revision dates, next due date, and mechanic that performed the work. These records are to be kept in the back of the maintenance logbooks of either the aircraft, engine, or propeller.

​To find ADs for your aircraft click on the link on the FAA website. Or click here: FAA AD's


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