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FAA Airman Medical Certificate is required for all pilots including student pilots to carry a medical certificate at all times, which allows the pilot to act as pilot in command (PIC) of an airplane.

First step is to find an FAA aviation medical examiner (AME). Do some research on finding an AME; do not just go with the first one you see. Compare prices with a few AME's in your area before choosing an examiner, prices can range from $85 - $200.

Let’s be honest, if the examiner charges $200 or more, that is too much money for what the exam actually entails. The point is to save money.

During the medical examination, the AME is an FAA approved medical physician, which will test your vision, hearing, general health, cardiovascular, and have the applicate do a drug test. In addition, the AME will determine if the pilot applicate has any other conditions that will make the pilot incapacitated during flight.

If a pilot wants to maintain his/her flying privileges, they must continue to see an AME at regular intervals.

There is no need to stress out; the medical exam is straightforward and rather easy.

Finding an AME:

Simple go into the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website

Once the new screen opens:

  • Click on the drop-down box and click on AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). Click on “Location Search”, then click drop down for "Country" select U.S. You can filter by State, City and much more.

Once you have selected a couple of medical examiners, inquire by calling or going on their website and ask what their price is for an FAA medical student pilot.

Filling out Form 8500-8:

After you have found a local doctor in your area, fill out the medical certificate Form 8500-8 on the MedXPress website by clicking the link or go directly to For first time student pilots click on "Request an Account ".

Once you have created an account login to MedXPress. Begin answering the questions on the website.

Here is some help with answering certain questions:

  • First Question - Why are you applying for a Medical Certificate or Clearance?

  • Click on – All Other

  • #1 Application For: Click on - Airman Medical & Student Pilot Certificate

  • #2 Class of Medical Certificate Applied For: Click on – 3rd Class.

  • #10 Type of Airmen Certificate You Hold: Students will click on – Student box.

  • #16 Date of Last FAA Medical Application: Students will click on – No Prior Application box.

All other question should be self-explanatory.

Remember to save your conformation number.

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