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Comfort is Essential for Aviators


November 16, 2021

Words by Red Horse Aviation

Comfort is a must for every aviator, especially those of us that fly in General Aviation aircraft.

We have been flying general aviation for many years now. As passionate aviators, we come to realize, if there is comfortable, relaxing clothing made for the outdoor enthusiast, then why not for aviators? Especially those of us that sweat their ass off, flying in the hot and humid areas from the east coast to the Gulf. Even the desert locations of the southwest, with no air conditioning built into those general aviation airplanes.

Key Features

  • Made of a polyester/cotton blended material.

  • All shirt sizes are unisex.

  • Relax/comfortable fit.

We have designed apparel that is not your everyday cotton shirt, which can become hot, wet, sticky, and itchy. At Red Horse Aviation, our shirts are made of a polyester/cotton blended material which will keep aviators or just any outdoor enthusiast cooler, dryer and more comfortable during any activity, even on the hottest and stickiest days. We have put our apparel to the test; our shirts are soft and breathable during flight or any activity. Our shirts keep you warm at the coast, on those cool fall and spring mornings, just about anywhere.

For more details, stop by our online store at and check out our products that we are proud to have designed ourselves, for aviators by aviators!

Preflight Product Checklist


After you receive your new Red Horse Aviation gear, please share it with us on social media.

On initial contact and future washing:

  • Turn your new shirt inside out.

  • Set your washers water temperature on cold.

  • Drying, set drier on low temperature.

  • Wear it with pride, and be apart of the Red Horse Aviation family.


Red Horse Aviation is an aviation apparel and education company located in Southern California. Our focus is to give all aviators and aviation enthusiast, a product that will keep anyone cooler, dryer, and more comfortable during any flight or activity-even on the hottest days. Along with making all aviators safe. To learn more, please visit us at


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