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Alcohol impairs the efficiency of the human body. When someone is intoxicated that means the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. Intoxication is measured in a percentage by weight in the blood.

FAR Part 91.17 says that the blood alcohol level must be less than .04% and it has been over 8 hours since the last drink before piloting an aircraft. If the level is over .04% after an 8-hour period, pilots may not fly an aircraft, and pilots are not to fly if hungover.

TIP: A good way to remember that is, “8 hours bottle to throttle.”


FAR Part 61.53 and 91.17 prohibits the use of drugs that may affect the safety of an aircraft or persons. "ZERO TALORANCE.!"

Simply put, it is illegal to act as pilot in command of an aircraft under the influence of drugs. Also, it is not a good idea to fly, if using curtain proscription drugs prescribe by a doctor.

The FAA does not have a list of approved medications, suitable for use while flying. If the pilot is unsure about a certain prescribed medication and being able to fly while taking it, he or she should always consult an FAA approved doctor.


  • A good way to remember that is, “8 hours bottle to throttle.”

  • ​ZERO TALORANCE, on drug use.


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