Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM), previously known as “Notice to Airmen”, (changed by the FAA on Dec.2, 2021) are time-critical and are temporary. They may come out without any advanced notice. Prior to any flight, a pilot should check for any NOTAMs pertaining to that flight. This part of the preflight is listed in Part 91.103 Preflight Actions.

Such information in a NOTAM may include hazards such as; airshows, parachute jumps, rocket launches, Presidential or heads of state movement, taxiway and or runway closures, construction, communication or any changes in status for navigation aids, as well as any information for en-route, or landing operations and much more.

NOTAMs are classified into four categories:

  • NOTAM (D)


  • Pointer NOTAM

  • Military NOTAM


NOTAM (D) information pertains to all navigational facilities within the National Airspace System (NAS), and to all public airports, seaplane bases, and heliports listed in the Chart Supplement U.S.

The information in a NOTAM (D) includes taxiway and or runway closures, personnel or equipment near taxiways or runways, airport lighting aids not affecting instrument approach criteria.

These types of NOTAMs are numbered consecutively each month, starting with 001.

  • This NOTAM is the 16th one issued for the month of May.


FDC NOTAMs are issued by the National Flight Data Center and provide information, but not limited to, navigational chart changes, changes to instrument procedures, airspace, and temporary flight restrictions (TFRs).

These types of NOTAMs are numbered by year and serial number. The first number is the last number of the year when the NOTAM was issued. The second set of numbers is the serial number, beginning with 0001 and continuing through 9999.

Pointer NOTAM:

A Pointer NOTAM is a NOTAM that points out another NOTAM.

Military NOTAMS:

That refers to military airports or NAVAIDs that are part of the NAS.

Examples of other NOTAMs:

GPS (Global Positing System)

SUA (Special Use Airspace)


Um... Wasn’t Aware of that TFR… Don’t be that pilot!